I like to think of organizing as an activity that can be done both consciously and conscientiously.  My intention and hope is to encourage this philosophy in all of the work that I engage in with clients.

To me, making the organization process “conscious” means not only focusing full and intentional awareness on the task that is taking place, but also helping the client to explore any possible underlying physical, emotional, or mental issues that may have contributed to the present level of disorganization that we are now attempting to mend.

I also attempt to foster a “conscientious” process, which means that when it’s suitable, I also choose to be “green” or environmentally friendly as I organize.

First of all, this means using as many items as possible that you may already own before buying new items.  This not only helps the planet, but it also saves you time and money!

Second, when purging household/personal items, I encourage the process of donating, recycling, or selling as many of those items as possible.  Nothing should be wasted if it can be used by someone else, or be recycled.

Remember, your trash may very well be someone else’s treasure!!

Finally, I believe that it is possible for anyone and everyone to become organized!  While it is true that organization may come more easily to some, every single person has the ability to learn how to be more organized.  We all lead very busy lives, and perhaps it’s just a matter of feeling overwhelmed or unsure how to begin.  I am here to help!

Together we can sit down and come up with a plan that will allow the job to get done efficiently and to your satisfaction, and I will not hesitate to share my organizing tips and tricks that will keep you on track in the future.