Q:  What is a “professional organizer”?

A:  A professional organizer is someone who knows how to effectively communicate and carry-out the concept of “being organized”, in a manner that allows the client to transfer and apply the expert’s knowledge to his or her own life.

Q:  What is the benefit to hiring a professional organizer?

A:  Hiring a professional organizer can help you gain control of your life, your time, and your surroundings.  The organizer can both coach and assist you in learning more about organizational principles, solutions, and systems that will ultimately save you time and money!

Q:  How do I know if I am someone who could benefit from hiring a professional organizer?

A:  If your environment has ever felt out-of-control, given you anxiety, or caused problems in other areas of your life, a professional organizer is just the person to help you get things under control again.  Even if you are just unsure about how to approach organizing or cleaning out a specific area, or you just need support and/or organizing tips, give an organizer a call!

Q:  Do I need to be present while the organizer does their job?

A:  Typically clients will prefer to be present while an organizer does their job, because the client will want to tell the organizer what items are to be kept or thrown out, as well as specifying precisely how they [the client] prefers for the environment to function after the process is completed.

Q:  Does the professional organizer do the work, or will they just tell me how to do it?

A:  It depends.  Some clients prefer to pay someone else to do the organizing for them, though reasoning may vary from client to client.  Some clients feel chronically disorganized and unequipped to do the organizing themselves, while others find themselves just short of the time or patience needed to get the environment the way that they want it.

Others may prefer to do the organizing themselves, perhaps due to the value or emotional attachment to the items being organized, but they desire the support and advice of an organizer to assist them in discerning where to place items, how to organize them, and when to get rid of or keep other items.

Each client is unique, and really it’s just a matter of preference!

Q:  Isn’t a professional organizer just going to make me throw away all of my “stuff”?

A:  Not at all!  The client will always decide what, if anything, is to be thrown away/recycled/donated.  Typically the organizer will ask the client questions that may be relevant to the organizing project, and share information or give advice about how to deal with a particular situation or item.  It is the organizers job to help the client determine what is most important for them, which means an organizer will never tell a client to do anything, but will always help the client do what they feel is in their own best interest.

Q:  I am a very private person.  How can I be sure that a professional organizer can be trusted to keep our work confidential?

A:  Professional organizers are guided by a code of ethics similar to counselors and therapists.  This code of ethics may be personal or professional, but it always emphasizes respect, honesty, integrity, and most importantly, confidentiality.  Anything that you discuss with (or show to) a professional organizer is kept between you and that person, and will not be discussed with anyone else at any other time, even after you have stopped utilizing that organizer’s services.

Q:  How can I begin the process of utilizing a professional organizer?

A:  You can begin right now by contacting me, Aaron Addonizio, ASAP by email or by phone.  I cannot wait to hear from you!