Since I received my Masters in Human Relations where I studied mental health counseling, I have always known it was my passion to listen to people and help them find perspective. My desire has always been to work with clients in a one-on-one format where I can support others as they navigate various life issues. I have gained a wealth of information through the years that I want to share with others as they embark on a journey toward health and balance.

Many people lack insurance coverage to secure a qualified counselor and/or cannot afford out-of-pocket therapy expenses. Many clinicians have shared that they must assign a mental health diagnosis in order to even offer treatment, and even then the duration of treatment is limited due to insurance mandates.  This makes my heart hurt, as no one should be denied the right to a supportive ear. I offer competitive out-of-pocket rates and a sliding scale so that anyone can seek my services.

I am open and eager to coach most life issues that are brought to the coaching relationship. My strength lies not only in supportive listening and effective problem solving, but also my conviction that peace of mind should be available to anyone who seeks it.

For more information feel free to send me a message, and I look forward to continuing (and for some, starting) this journey with all of you!