Organization Inspiration: The Pantry

Photo credit to Chalon Handmade.

One of my newer clients has the kind of pantry that homeowners dream about.  Once I got over being totally jealous, and having way too much fun helping her get things put away and organized, I started to think about my own pantry...

...Or lack of it.  The house I live in was built sometime in the 1950's, so not only are the closets the size of approximately one day dress, but it is entirely pantry-less.

I'm not sure where people kept food in the 1950's, but those shows you see with Lazy Susans everywhere....yeah, not in this house.

f course the solution to this large and unattractive problem is that we had to use an entire section of our cabinets as the pantry, and now there isn't enough room to put our actual dishes, pots, pans, etc. and all the other cabinets are crammed as a result.

It seems like a constant uphill battle to keep the cabinets organized, and it has almost driven me insane.  Okay, I'm not really THAT much of a type A, but it does bother me.  Anyway, because renovation isn't at option at this time, I'm currently coveting everyone else's amazing pantry spaces!

Because I now have to live vicariously through the pantries of others, will occasionally peruse Pinterest and stare at my favorites longingly...particularly anyone lucky enough to have an entire pantry ROOM.  Seriously?  I'd settle for a skinny stand-alone at this point.

Don't ever take your storage space for granted people!  Some of us live in 1950's homes.

I'm actually planning a pantry organization and overhaul project soon, which I'm sure will include plenty of before and afters, but until then, here are a just a couple of the drool-worthy pantries I have had my eye on lately.

Why shouldn't your pantry be functional and stylish?  {Source}

This is a great pantry remodel/organization project done with IKEA shelving.  {Source}

Last but certainly not least, this might be my favorite, because it's huge, organized and realistic.  Because who can actually keep everything looking immaculate all the time?  {Source}

Those are just a few of my recent favorites, but I'll stop there or I'll go on forever!

Head on over to my organizing-themed Pinterest board right now to see some more pantry inspiration.

What kinds of rooms or spaces do you find yourself coveting?  Feel free to share, and/or follow me on Pinterest!  I have a board dedicated to just organizing, but who knows, there may be various sub-categories to come.  ;)